Language of others has been worse


I received mail from a progressive liberal who is, of course, not a fan of our president and delights in sending articles and Biden bumper stickers to me anonymously.

I would share my thoughts if this person would write without being cowardly and sign his or her name and provide contact info.

I don’t condone President Trump’s sometimes offensive language; however, don’t be naive. Many presidents have used this language or worse, but because of a 24/7 news cycle and hatred for him, we hear it repeatedly. Other presidents have done the same; however, national media did not report it. Think of FDR and LBJ for starters. I do not support distasteful, offensive, off-color language.

This is where I overlook his language and temperament. From the escalator to today, Trump has been ridiculed, mocked and consistently belittled for his appearance and every thing he says and does. Yet, no president in the past 16 years has done the good and accomplished so much for this country as he. Trump was different. Trump was not a politician and the “swamp creatures” knew that they couldn’t control him. They knew he would upset the liberal apple cart and the ambiguous Obama legacy and lead a conservative charge.

Therefore, the Deep State, globalists, New World Order elites and even some spineless and vindictive Republicans created one scheme or another to bring him down. I cannot think of another person who could have survived all they threw at him and his associates.

He deserves great thanks for his endeavors and policies that have turned this country around. At least he didn’t travel the globe apologizing for the successes of our country that helped save others and never spoke of transforming this country into a socialist country as many Democrats have. Beware. We are fighting for our freedoms, fighting to keep the American dream alive. This is not Russia, Somalia, Venezuela or China — at least, not yet. He faces one obstacle after another, clears his path and still they pick away at him. Every breath he takes is one too many for the left.

He loves the U.S.A., and he accomplished so much compared to the little in the last 16 years. He could have done even more if Democrats would have cared a little about this country and the American people rather than being so mean-spirited, power hungry and filled with contempt.

God bless President Trump and his family. MAGA — again!




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