How do we show each other love?


I have been truly grieved these last many years by America’s choices. But it really came to a head as I watched our citizens riot over the death of George Floyd. Yes, his death was uncalled for and tragic.

However, how did any of this rioting show love? Life is hard enough. It’s like rafting through whitewater rapids on a daily basis, and these riots look more like people caught in whirlpools. People’s pride has displaced their love for fellow man and woman. The world no longer knows how to engage in civil and respectful discourse. Even our political leaders have gotten so party-minded they forget that they are to be serving all people. Some of these speakers claim to be Christians and even claim to go to church weekly. But they seem to listen to Satan and fail to hear God talking about love thy neighbor.

Today we face many challenges distracting us from God’s truth. Our failures come from trusting in ourselves above the Lord. America should not forget its history. Yes, there were many wrongs in the past, but we still have wrongs today. We need to learn from these wrongs and these failures, and have a better perspective to distinguish between the sinful and non-sinful failures.

I like this quote: “Never look for justice in this world, but never cease to give it. If we look for justice, we will only begin to complain and indulge ourselves in the discontent of self-pity.” Have you reached a place in your heart where you have anger and not love?

As I read or watch news, I have become even more saddened to hear people talk about what America needs. Many uninstructed so-called believers become discouraged because of their own failures. And Satan takes advantage of these to inject into our mind’s doubt, which leads us to our questioning God. One ingredient is needed to have faith, and that is “trust.” Trust is the live blood of faith; for there is no saving faith without trust. Trust your soul on the dying and living Savior.

Our churches should be an example of how to use God’s gift of language in a redemptive way. We should remember that only the Lord can guarantee outcomes and that the outcomes He measures and cares about are often not the same as ours.




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