America is sinking with Trump at helm


We need to realize still waters run deep.

I can’t recall the events that happened between 2016 through 2020 as anything I have ever experienced in my life. Never could I have imagined such a turnover in America’s leadership today. Fortunately, I missed the horrible disaster of the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. I compare it to the Republican takeover by Donald Trump and the Senate power plays of Mitch McConnell. America now mirrors the same course as the Titanic.

With Trump in power it is full speed ahead as though he is unsinkable. The boast of greatness was sounded to everyone, “It is the greatest ship ever!”

While wine and caviar topped the menu, warnings had been given of ice in the waters ahead. Having no binoculars in the Crow’s Nest, it might have well been Mitch McConnell creating a bottleneck of clear vision, still bearing full speed ahead. Fate played out in the third year of his presidency. Out of nowhere came the pandemic, being the unthinkable iceberg for America. The impact was swift as well as great. Everyone felt it. The tragedy of it is the ship never was prepared to save the entire crew. Their confidence was so fixed that they cut back on life boats. The captain told the band to play on, summing up their final moments.

Bearing down on the 2020 elections, we must sound the alarm for new leadership, to safely steer us in troubled times.




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