Stop bringing back bad police officers

I watch the news, and I want to cry. I am a white American, and I am ashamed of what some people do.

That white cop represents all white people who stand by and allow this to happen time and time again.

Of course, there are bad people in every segment of society, but to inflict capital punishment on someone who tried to pass a bogus $20? Don’t tell me the cop was keeping law and order. His job is not to be judge and jury. I believe the cops who stood by without stopping that killer are complicit in the murder. Those who damage property and steal are guilty of just that; it is not an excuse to brand all those who protest with the same brush.

All white Americans need to stand up and say, “You are not doing this in my name.”

This cop already had 17 complaints against him, and nothing was done. That rests on their union.

Stop bringing back bad cops.




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