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Kudos and a round of applause for Dennis Watkins! His unwavering fight for justice for the victimized Fife family has become legendary. Danny Lee Hill should have been executed years ago for the horrendous murder of 12-year-old Raymond Fife. Talk about injustice! Where is justice for Raymond and his family? Thank you for the continued battle in this case to Mr. Watkins! He is a credit to Trumbull County.

— Warren

No to Warren’s 0.5 percent income tax renewal. The city must learn to live on a budget like all households in America do. Eliminate all unnecessary jobs, cut pay of top management, learn to live on what you have, especially in the Water Department where there are too many employees, with not much to do. City workers drive around in city vehicles wasting time and money.

— Warren

I was shocked after watching a recent Newton Falls public meeting. The Jerry Spinger-type crowd was disrespectful and more suited for WWF wrestling. One councilman’s violent actions, losing his temper, yelling and incoherence were on full display and, quite frankly, shameful.

— Newton Falls

I was shocked by the “onion” to Newton Falls officials and Trumbull County Court of Brookfield for mandating masks. It’s been said, repeatedly, that you can be a carrier of COVID-19 without showing symptoms. Wearing a mask in public protects others as well as yourself. If a carrier is not wearing a mask, they can infect a person who may come in contact with elderly or those with compromised immune systems. We all should do our part to stop the spread of COVID. If that means wearing a mask in public, don’t you think that’s the least we could do?

— Fowler

A huge thank-you to all who helped when I was hit by another vehicle coming out of Raptis June 8 — the alert oncoming drive who braked, the off-duty Howland police officer, paramedics, state patrol officer and all the witnesses who gave their statements. Please, drivers, pay attention. When you cause an accident, you are changing another’s life — physically, emotionally and financially! Drive like you were taking your driver’s test!

— Warren

Warren’s auditor has stated the city is in financial straits. Layoffs are curtailing important services. However, the mayor and safety service director still have city cars 24 / 7 for personal use, along with free gas and insurance! Isn’t it time to set the example and eliminate these perks? Both men make salaries over $85,000, plus health insurance and pension plans. Enough already!

— Warren

How utterly irresponsible of Warren leaders to think spending money on a new fence around the amphitheater is a wise move at this time. Tax revenue is down, some city workers are on furlough. The city leaders need to be in a “no unnecessary spending” mode. There are things that need done, and all we hear is “no money.” So where does this project fit in?

— Warren

Dr. Acton is no dummy. When Gov. DeWine stopped listening to her recommendations and instead took on President Trump’s pathway of getting people to think the Pandemic is over and not really dangerous, she had no choice but to get out. I predict in a few months, when people figure out the pandemic isn’t over and many more people die, she will be seen as the smartest person in Columbus.

— Cortland

If the earth dies, humanity dies with it. If humanity dies, the earth will not care!

— Warren

The New York marathon is canceled because of coronavirus fears; however, rioters, protesters and building burners are OK? Keep safe.

— Howland



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