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Warren City Council kowtows to the owner of Auto Parkit and every 90 days re-approves closure of Dana Street because that owner “fears vandalism.” Would city leaders close Market Street or Park Avenue because a business owner there feared vandalism? No! It’s unbelievable that council continues to approve “temporary” Dana Street closures. “Temporary” means a “limited period.” This has been closed for almost four years. We hope Auto Parkit succeeds, but local businesses and residents should not be inconvenienced.

— Warren

So, if we understand this correctly, a local developer tells Niles what he wants, and the mayor and council say “OK.” Who’s benefiting? The proposed annexation is not to the benefit of the community.

— Vienna

Speed cameras are effective ways to keep police officers safe. Many officers have been injured or killed at highway traffic stops. With the pandemic, it’s only prudent to keep our first responders safe. Local jurisdictions that allow opponents to insist cameras are a money grab are saying, “We do not care about the safety of our police officers, and it is OK to break the law.” Money collected from cameras helps the community with police funding, road improvements, park improvements, cemetery improvements, etc.

— Cortland

Many people don’t know there is little broadband access in northern Trumbull County. You cannot get cellphone service in much of the area. State Rep. Mike O’Brien, D-Warren, has been pushing for these areas without service to receive help from the state. Good job, Mike, in getting your bill passed by the House!

— Vienna

Regarding the editorial on voting in Thursday’s newspaper, I worked the polls in Trumbull County and was uncomfortable because I felt I wasn’t trained well enough. I take voting very seriously and feel that people should vote in a safe and secure manner. Our state should provide people with the training to do a quality job when they work at the polls.

— Warren

Onion to First Energy for hiring butchers to trim trees along power lines. Not only did they trim them, but they cut down many of the trees. Really?

— Mesopotamia

This is to sound off on forgotten grass and fallen trees of neighbors in Warren. Recently, I saw six deer in my backyard, not to mention other critters. I live in the city, not the country. Why can officials tear down schools, houses and other vacant buildings, but cannot clean up fallen trees? When I was a kid, Warren was so beautiful!

– Warren

Every day there are tabulations of COVID-19 in the newspaper. What I would like to see is meaningful statistics of how many people died at the same time frame from the common flu, colds and possible underlying health reasons that might be mislisted as simply collateral with the COVID-19. Also, how many abortions have happened? Otherwise, such daily tabulations are out of perspective.

— Newton Falls

It’s time our president takes action to remove “protesters” from Seattle. The current mayor is a joke, an alarming trend of the liberal left. After all that’s happened lately, how can anyone possibly vote for Democrats? Donald Trump has done a good job, despite what Democrats have thrown at him. Shouldn’t the Democrats get to work and help this country instead of destroying it?

— Southington

Americans, wake up regarding the pandemic and start thinking for yourselves. The stay-at-home order means you cannot build up immunity, and when the country reopens, you have a greater chance of getting sick. Masks and social distancing probably still should be a partial solution, but allow us to decide for ourselves where and when to go places. Check out other websites to see what is really going on.

— Warren


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