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Champion Cleanup Day was such a great success! Thanks for not canceling it due to the virus!

— Champion

We like going to local parks to watch the boaters and wildlife, and just read the newspaper and books. Eventually you need to go to the bathroom and for the most part, they are all closed. Why? We understand there are COVID-19 concerns, but let us decide whether to use them or not. How is this protecting us? These are not places we want to hang out in. This applies to parks we have been to in both Trumbull and Ashtabula counties.

— Howland

The loan aid given in the $3 trillion federal stimulus bill to Planned Parenthood and the Kennedy Center came to a total of 0.0003 of the package. That’s three ten thousandths of 1 percent of the entire package. Had that money gone to the 150 million Americans who received stimulus checks, these Americans would have received an average grand total of 66 cents more. So it’s easy to see there would be no need for more stimulus if not but for the “largess” given to Kennedy Center and Planned Parenthood.

— Warren

I was enraged watching videos of vandalism in downtown Cleveland during the protests last Sunday. One reporter said, “Apparently, the police will let it run its course.” Are you kidding? What’s wrong with those protesters? Where are the black leaders who should be pleading for order? These national protests are very well organized. Who’s doing the organizing?

— Fowler

At Monday’s protest in Warren, why did Mayor Franklin need a police escort to march with us? He had at least two police officers with him the entire march. The mayor never needs an escort to attend summer amphitheater concerts. Why did he need one to stand with us during this march? What or who was he afraid of?

— Warren

I would like an explanation on why Vienna would hire a police officer who was fired by the Trumbull County Sheriff’s office for reasons including excessive force and dishonesty. In light of the nation’s current situation regarding this issue, what was Vienna thinking? Whoever is in charge of making this decision should be replaced!

— Cortland

You have to be kidding me. No more than a week after a rogue cop kills George Floyd, Vienna police hires a man fired from the Trumbull County jail for brutality to an inmate and then lying about it. Poor screening of potential officers is one of the main reasons bad cops are on the street. The officer who killed Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla., had been previously fired from a local force. We must become better at vetting police applicants.

— Niles

The whole country witnessed the sickening murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis cops. Trump has told cops they don’t have to be gentle with prisoners. Since then, several innocent black men have been killed by cops. Trump has threatened governors, threatened to shoot looters. He had protesters teargassed to clear the way so he could hold up a Bible in front of a famous church. What scares me the most is that he used the secretary of defense and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff as props. Why are these people so terrified of him? Why not say no? Let’s hope someone does soon.

— Girard


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