Police must have a positive influence


Times have changed. When you meet a police officer today, your greeting should be, “I mean you no harm. Please don’t kill me.” It may save your life.

This is a disturbing trend in our normal lives that has come about since the rise in terrorist activities. The police act on two rules in today’s settings. They are: Take control of the situation when you arrive; be in charge. And if you take your gun from your holster, be prepared to use it.

Both of these rules are designed as terrorist responses and are for normal neighborhood disturbances. We, as citizens, need to change this. These are not the times we want to live in.

I would like to propose two alternative police rules that would better fit our everyday situations: Defuse the situation; make the situation better than it was when you arrived. And don’t move your gun from your holster unless you are being shot at.

It’s time the police stopped acting like bullies and started acting like heroes. It’s time for people to be unafraid to call for police help instead of fearing that they will make the situation worse. It’s time that police had a positive influence on the community again.




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