NASCAR loses fan over Confederate flag ban


After 70 years, NASCAR has banned the Confederate Battle Flag and sold their soul to embrace the Black Lives Matter ideology and everything it entails, including rioting, looting, arson and vandalism.

Bubba Wallace, the Cup series’ only black driver, has been with Richard Petty Motor Sports three years and was plucked from the Infinity Series even though there were 19 other drivers that finished better than him in the standings. He finished 28th in points the last two years due to the lots of wreckers and no checkers, which would normally cause a driver to be let go.

Bubba Wallace demanded that NASCAR ban the Confederate Battle Flag, which it cowardly did, even though according to Bubba, the flag never bothered him personally.

It is still unbelievable to me that King Richard Petty’s legendary No. 43 car is wearing a Black Lives Matter wrap. To NASCAR faithful it is sacrilegious. If that’s not bad enough, a black NASCAR official took a knee during the national anthem at the Atlanta race — how disgusting.

So after 25 years of watching and attending races, there will be no more NASCAR in my life. Good luck to you NASCAR with your new politically correct stance. I’m sure there will be lots of young Black Lives Matter protesters willing to put in a good four to five hours every Sunday afternoon watching or attending your increasingly boring races.




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