McConnell, not Trump, is our biggest threat


Before Donald Trump assumed the presidency in 2017, Mitch McConnell became the Senate majority leader in 2015. He undertook a series of actions ordered by a small coterie of the ultra-wealthy. The purpose was to line the pockets of those rich folks. They put their need of endless wealth ahead of the hopes and benefits of average Americans.

The wealthy people coordinated with many Republicans who eagerly helped out as long as they got a piece of the pie. They slashed benefits and entitlements from the little guy and turned that money into more wealth for themselves. They eliminated government regulations that cost money to corporate leaders, for example OSHA and environmental regulations.

They are gaining financially by packing our courts with conservative judges who will rule against laws like the Affordable Care Act. They want to eliminate regulations surrounding education and the environment. They have resisted banking reform. Why pay for workplace safety and healthcare and consumer financial protection when they need the money for more yachts?

How do they get away with this freestyle thieving of the American people? They gain supporters from religious constituents who fret about abortion and gay rights. They recruit ranchers and farmers by pretending that Democrats want to overturn the Second Amendment. Trump’s loutish style also attracts rednecks and skinheads.

Since 2019 when Democrats gained majority control of the House, McConnell proudly blocked Democratic-generated legislation from reaching the president’s desk. He ignores his job to present legislation to the Senate and then pass it on to Trump for approval or veto. Instead he boasts about his nickname, the “Grim Reaper,” earned by killing legislation.

McConnell protects Trump, who protects the rich folks’ interests as long as he gets to buddy up with dictators. So even when Trump tried to blackmail the Ukrainian president, Republicans refused to look at evidence or hear witnesses.

Outside help is also acceptable. Russians rewarded McConnell for coaching Trump to lift sanctions with $200 million bestowed upon a company in his home state. The Chinese rewarded Trump for rescuing their largest cellphone company by granting Ivanka valuable trademarks.

The real danger to our Republic is not Donald Trump, who understands nothing of our Constitution. From the time that he engineered filibusters against Obama and blocked Obama’s nomination of a Supreme Court Justice, it has been the top Republican, the Grim Reaper.

In November we must replace Trump with Joe Biden, someone who will put the rights of the average person ahead of the ultra-wealthy.

Meanwhile, we must also keep an eye on McConnell and Trump, who will eagerly step all over our backs in their relentless climb to power and riches.




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