Look out for each other in tough times


Every student dreams of walking across that stage at graduation. But for the Class of 2020, this dream has been taken away by COVID-19. While the pandemic is bringing heartbreaking news, it is also showing how we can come together in times of need.

As a senior at Ohio Virtual Academy, I looked forward to graduation day. When I found out my graduation ceremony would be online, I was disappointed to think this major milestone was taken away.

Little did I know that my teacher, Ms. Rounds, planned a drive-by graduation party. On the last day of classes, I went outside to take a picture in my cap and gown. To my surprise, cars started driving by honking and cheering my name.

I was overwhelmed by the love and support of everyone who came to my graduation parade! In a time where horrific events are unfolding, it was amazing to see my community come together and make sure this milestone was not forgotten.

This parade is just one of many ways people are helping each other these days. As we navigate these uncertain times, let’s remember to look out for each other.




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