Education committees must plan virus policy


ORC 3313.48 mandates that a school district “… shall provide for the free education of the youth within the district under its jurisdiction. …”

As school districts open this fall, the issues pertaining to COVID-19 will impact school finances of districts with additional scheduling matters, sanitary maintenance, transportation issues and social distancing. Ohio’s funding allocations should not be cut further. Please contact Gov. DeWine.

Furthermore, schools will have the issue of COVID-19 masks. People have different views on that matter. Some people will not send their children to schools without the masks for safety concerns. Some people believe either COVID-19 has no scientific basis or the government is infringing on personal rights. Therefore, schools may have a mask enforcement issue and also a liability issue through COVID-19 tracing. These potential lawsuits will be funded by the local school systems through their general fund account.

I understand that Gov. DeWine is working with a task force of school superintendents to address recommendations for the opening of schools this fall. Perhaps we need individual districts in Trumbull County to consider a county uniform policy and not just recommendations. Every parent, every student and every faculty member deserve to know COVID-19 expectations.

School districts might consider either a volunteer committee or staff committee this summer to identify and / or address possible concerns with a COVID-19 policy before those problems surface this September. The findings and public relations of a COVID-19 community committee might help with a smoother transition to the start of the 2020-21 school year. Everyone will be informed of the policy, there will be less of a disruption of the educational process, and there may be financial savings.




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