Biden hasn’t helped improve race relations


First, I feel for the Floyd family, for the loss of a good man. No one deserves to die this way.

Joe Biden said to black communities: “Vote for me, and I will fix relations in this country.”

No, he won’t. He has done nothing — when he was vice president nor in his lifetime as a politician.

The issues may remain, but at least President Donald Trump has done more than previous administrations. Guaranteed Historically Black Colleges and Universities, school choice, passed criminal justice reform, lowest unemployment and poverty and the crime rate in America with the First Step Act of 2018. Let’s hope he will be able to continue his work to accomplish more for these communities.

Tell me five things Joe Biden has done to improve race relations in his entire life career as a politician. I applaud Mayor Jamael Tito Brown of Youngstown and Mayor Doug Franklin of Warren and the protesters for keeping the peace in our area and keeping citizens safe from outsiders. This is where responsibility begins.




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