‘Bad apples’ exist in every profession


What does looting, rioting, burning cop cars, beating innocent people, destroying public property and private businesses have to do with protesting? The answer is absolutely nothing.

The Black Lives Matter representative asking a white woman to kneel down and denounce white privilege for the camera is outrageous and sickening. This is a demoralizing act. Just how does humiliation of another human being close the racial gap? The act of publicly humiliating someone based on their color of skin is the very essences of racism itself.

Everyone can agree that the actions of officer Derek Chauvin and the inactions of the other police officers killed George Floyd, which goes against what police are trained to do — to protect and serve. No amount of looting, rioting and killing will ever change the fact that there will always be a few, and I stress a few, bad cops. No business or government agency has an entire crew of all stars. You will have your overachievers, average performers and poor performers who do just enough not to get fired. There is no way to totally weed out every police department in the entire country to prevent this. Officer Chauvin most likely mistreated many of the people he apprehended, including whites. He misused his authority to bully people. The vast majority of police officers are decent, respectable individuals who take pride in their work.

With the media pumping out as much shock every night, the hate groups capitalize on the opportunity and cause even more division by paying people to riot. You have to wonder who would accept money to destroy their own community. What kind of person thinks this is OK? How do you heal division by making more division? How do you honor God by killing his creations? Neither one makes a bit of sense, but when people don’t use their minds to think and only react out of emotion, no amount of reasoning will bridge the gap.

If you believe in white privilege, you might be a racist. If you believe you can’t succeed because of your skin tone, you’re sure to fail. If you believe that rich people shouldn’t be rich, you might be envious. If you belong to groups that promote violence as a means for change, you most likely will regret the change that happens.

We live in the land of opportunity. There will always be bad apples in the workforce and that includes police officers. This is called the human condition, because we’re all flawed.




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