Assistant law director valuable to Warren


I have known Traci Timko Sabau since she came to my home with my 6-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, and her cousin, Carrie. I have worked with her for more than 20 years, 10 of which were when she was Warren city prosecutor and I was a public defender.

She was learned, enthusiastic and vigorous in her professionalism. She handled the pressure of the task with aplomb. She knew and followed the law. The judge, victims and witnesses, defense lawyers and police respected her.

She then took the job of police adviser for the city of Warren. Not surprising since her mom was career Deputy Sheriff Jane Timko (on the front page of the Tribune on Father’s Day); her brother, Lieutenant Nick Timko, is a deputy sheriff and her cousin, Carrie Betts, a common pleas probation officer. Traci successfully guided Warren Police Department through the U.S. Justice Department’s oversight of Warren Police practices. Law enforcement is understandably her professional life. When I served as Warren city prosecutor, I attended one of the many seminars she gave to police.

During my entire interaction with Traci, I never detected a hint of racism in her person or actions. I interpret her comments as ones any lawyer would make; i.e. “Do not try any case in the media. Everyone is entitled to due process in a courtroom, even a policeman.”

Further, when a doctor molests hundreds of gymnasts, when a nurse steals patients’ drugs and kills patients, when a priest molests children, when a fireman is dealing drugs, when a funeral director steals family money, etc., we don’t disband doctors, nurses, churches, fire departments, funeral homes, etc.

When an actor in any profession breaks the law, he or she and all complicit participants must be held accountable in a court of law.

Finally, the most notable talent Traci has as police adviser that I have witnessed time and again is when a policeman is wrong, she stands up to him or her. They respect and listen to her and seek her counsel. The city of Warren is better, fairer, safer and, most of all, better policed because of her. It would be a great loss to the city if she were to be fired.

For Warren’s sake, I hope our administrators recognize how lucky we are to have her and keep her on in the essential job of police adviser / assistant law director.


Attorney, Warren


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