Stand with Dr. Acton, not with extremists


Ohio’s Health Director Dr. Amy Acton has been an instrumental figure in keeping Ohioans safe during the coronavirus crisis. While we are still facing an unprecedented health crisis, her actions and directives have kept people safe.

Last week, 58 Republicans wanted to limit Dr. Acton’s ability to protect public health. They’ve shown they’re on the side of extremists protesting outside Dr. Acton’s house. These protesters do not want a responsible start and are willing to put the lives of all workers, essential or not, even more on the line.

All 37 Democrats in the Ohio House, including my representative, Rep. Gil Blair, voted against this bill because they stand with science and Dr. Acton — and the majority of Ohioans. They believe it’s irresponsible to kowtow to a small group of right-wing extremists, and instead want to open Ohio only when widespread testing is implemented, masks are required in public, workers have necessary personal protective equipment to be protected and child care options are available.




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