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My wife and I just returned from dining out for the first time. During the hour we were in the restaurant, only the staff and we wore face masks. Not one person coming in or leaving the restaurant wore a face mask. So much for having respect for others.

— Warren

As a taxpayer in Warren, I would like to see an article in the Tribune Chronicle showing the names of city employees, their hourly wage and their yearly salaries. I want to see how much employees are making.

— Warren

I have paid for my last professional game. In team sports, it is disgusting to pay any one athlete the amount they make. Some owners cannot afford to spend as much as other owners to buy a championship; teams are on unequal footing from the start. A couple million in salary and bonuses paid in a year should be plenty. Maybe then a fan could afford to go to a game again.

— Kinsman

I was upset to hear Gov. DeWine’s announcement that banquet halls could reopen with a limit of 300 people. How do you justify going from gatherings of 10 to 300? Maybe 50 or 100 to start with, but not 300. What happened to social distancing? How do you not congregate with that many people? Will everyone in attendance be required to wear a mask? This makes no sense to me.

– Warren

After watching the floundering performance from our leaders on this pandemic, I am ready to vote in the November general election. When is the absolute earliest I can vote and how can I check to make sure it was recorded correctly? The Ohio March primary election was called off, and the final mail-in-voting process was botched and blamed on the post office. I want plenty of time to vote in the general election.

— Cortland

The space shuttles were built by taxpayer money. They are now in museums that all charge to get in to see them. Anyone else have a problem with this?

— Vienna

Immortality is one of the gravest sins in the Bible. Someone is someday going to give account for every soul lost to abortion. From the time of conception, there is a soul. God’s word is law. No man will change it. Which political party is largely responsible for this? Are you casting your vote for this in November? Forget the old Democratic Party. They don’t exist.

— Williamsfield

Why are we paying full charges for cable television during this pandemic? It’s bad enough we usually pay exorbitant prices when half the channels are old re-runs, but now we are subjected to 100 percent of channels showing old programs, except for news that is repetitive all day long. Our bill should be cut in half during the pandemic.

— Warren

We have now passed 100,000 deaths in this pandemic, and President Trump ridicules people wearing masks. He told a reporter to take his mask off. He has suggested that maybe we should take disinfectants to clean our lungs and told us to try dangerous drugs. On Memorial Day instead of speaking about veterans giving their lives in war, he verbally attacked several people, including a Marine Corps veteran and a congressman. He’s threatens governors for not opening fast enough. He’s a danger to all of us.

— Girard


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