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Danny Lee Hill wins again. Miriam Fife and her family lose again. What a travesty of so-called justice. Hill should have been executed 30 years ago. I have the highest regard for Prosecutor Dennis Watkins, who has tried his best to have this case closed time and again, only to have the proverbial door slammed in his face. And Mrs. Fife! What grace and courage she has shown throughout this horrendous episode in her life.

— Warren

Orchid to Becky at the Rape Crisis Team in Trumbull County for being there in my time of crisis. Being too afraid to go to the emergency room for help due to the coronavirus pandemic, I found the support and guidance through our local Rape Crisis Center. Our county is so blessed to have this team available in times of crisis.

— Warren

So, 30 employees of the city of Warren are taking voluntary layoffs. Hopefully now the city administration will realize we do not need any or most of these employees. Warren is not supposed to be an employment service. Other than police and fire departments, other departments can be reduced. There are way too many people in the Water Department.

— Warren

Newton Falls City Council meetings have turned into a circus with Councilman Baryak setting the stage for chaos, turmoil and dissension. I never saw a public official express so much anger, hatred and hostility as he does during these meetings toward his fellow elected officials. If they don’t agree with what he says, he loses his temper and goes off the rail. I question his stability to serve Newton Falls.

— Newton Falls

To the McDonald writer, your nightmare will just begin if the left takes control of our government. Everybody blames the president for everything. Your belief in “polls” shows how gullible you are. Where were you when Obama was selling out our country for eight years? The left keeps offering more freebies, all for the sake of obtaining immigrants’ votes.

— Warren

If Trump refuses to read his intelligence briefing book, if he trusts certain adversaries more than his own intel services, if nuance is completely lost on him and if the single greatest challenge for his briefers is keeping his attention three times a week for an hour, what is the likelihood that he is making well-informed and carefully considered decisions on any national security issues? I don’t see how anyone with any capacity for critical-thinking skills would not be sick with concern.

— Warren

April 11, you ran a Cal Thomas column where he outlined Biden’s faults and lies. Then on April 13, two letters gave opposite views. I tend to believe Cal Thomas before liberal letter writers.

— Girard

Why doesn’t Tim Ryan want anyone to talk about non-COVID issues when the Democrat-proposed stimulus package is filled with non-COVID issues, like bailouts for financially irresponsible states and payments to illegal immigrants? The long food bank lines that Ryan speaks of are laid-off workers trying for weeks to access unemployment benefits through incompetent websites. No stimulus to address this!

– Braceville

Way to show you’re cracking down on violations. One day after Gov. DeWine threatened to take away bars’ liquor licenses for violating overcrowding orders, he changed the wording in stay-at-home measures from “orders” to “strongly recommend.” This shows the governor has no plans of enforcing any measures put in place to protect Ohioans. I believe he is getting his reopen orders from Washington D.C.

— Cortland


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