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Thank you and God bless you, Mary Lou and Basil Jarrett, for the flags on the King Graves Road overpass. I always wondered who did this. God bless the U.S.A.

— Vienna

Elected leaders of Warren and Trumbull County continue to ask for voluntary layoffs and continue to seek ways to save money. How about these leaders take a pay cut? That would lessen the budget strain and take some of the pressure off the employees.

— Warren

Why hasn’t Mayor Franklin (who has been in the city administration for 16 years and counting) done anything about the dangerous dam on the Mahoning River at Summit Street? This is a danger to people using the river as shown by the recent tragic accident. We should expect more action from the man who was president of the Mahoning Rivers Mayoral Association for awhile.

— Warren

I understand the primary election had to be conducted via mail due to the short time reacting to COVID-19. However, there should be sufficient time now to implement a plan to ensure we can vote in person for the November presidential election. In my opinion, mail-in ballots afford too many opportunities to alter the vote in this critical election for the future of our country.

— Howland

Talk about leaving the fox in charge of the henhouse. Gov. DeWine pulled together business owners, but no employees, to create “Responsible Restart Ohio” plan. It outlined “mandatory” requirements for businesses to follow. Each requirement includes weasel words like “when / if possible” and “as much as possible.” Too bad for employees. Some will be forced to work in unsafe conditions with no real way to file a legitimate complaint because of this weasel wording.

— Cortland

The vocabulary of the Democratic Party is: deny, delete, harass, berate, take down, destroy, double standard, hatred, predators, two-face, back-stab, hypocrite, sexual misconduct, cover-up and mendacity.

— Niles

It sounds like Joe Biden is a sexual predator. Where is the national media on this? Don’t they know about it? Amazing. Hush, hush, hush.

— Williamsfield

I thought New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was already at bottom of the barrel, but he did it again. Many hundreds of volunteers came to New York to help with the pandemic. Now he wants them to pay state tax on their wages as a typical Democratic move.

— Girard

When are the Democrats going to learn their political party and especially Nancy Pelosi are not concerned about them? Look at the latest stimulus package with all the pork in it. It should be directed at all Americans, and we should be able to get more than $1,200 out of $3 trillion. All Democrats need to wake up.

— Warren


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