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Beautiful trees were destroyed, supposedly for bocce courts. Then came a mayoral pronouncement: no courts, saplings would be planted to reforest the area. No one was held responsible, ethically or financially. Deep cuts have been made in the state budget affecting local coffers. There will be no money to replace the trees. The only winner in this fiasco is the person who ordered the trees to be razed, and he hasn’t had to pay a cent for this abomination.

— Warren

Why would you take a voluntary layoff if you were a Warren city employee? You already are getting full pay for working two weeks on and two weeks off. Also, the Warren administration and department heads should take at least a 20 percent pay cut. Employees should take a 10 percent cut, and the city should start layoffs immediately. No more excuses!

— Warren

After re-election, Trumbull Engineer Randy Smith now plans to fill two positions rather than furloughing employees during the pandemic. He’s considering hiring an individual who cannot receive EPA certification because his license was revoked after pleading guilty to charges. Smith’s statement, “He paid his debt to society,” is irrelevant because this person isn’t qualified if he cannot be licensed, yet he will not consider some with relevant experience and licensure. Too bad we cannot recall the election and vote again.

— Bristolville

There are cart corrals conveniently placed for shoppers in the Elm Road Walmart parking lot. About 99 percent of shoppers take time to park the carts in the corrals, but 1 percent are too lazy and inconsiderate. They just leave their carts blocking parking spots. They’re probably the same people who drop their trash by their cars.

— Cortland

Thank you Gov. DeWine for being here in this time of uncertainty. He has proven to be a quality leader of our state. It is calming to known that he and his team are guiding us through our most trying time in history. I think of President Roosevelt and Sir Winston Churchill leading in troubled times. I trust in his leadership to guide us to a better day. (And this soundoff is written by a lifelong Democrat.)

— Howland

Regarding Robert Reich’s political column on May 6 on President Trump’s re-election prospects, did he forget to mention the William Barr investigation? Millions of Americans are watching and waiting on this report. There is some big trouble coming for some high-ranking officials’ stupidity and hatred. How will this affect Trump’s re-election? Reich has a bad attitude, no matter what he writes.

— Williamsfield

You don’t need to be Albert Einstein to realize that the number of deaths related to COVID-19 is much higher than is being reported. Just look at the number of obituaries in the paper in the past month compared with the months and years prior to the virus.

— Cortland

Here is a reminder as mowing season is upon us: You are not supposed to blow grass clippings on to the street!

— Warren

I understand the rush to open businesses, but I have a major concern. Shouldn’t people who will be working in close quarters with customers be tested for COVID-19? Unfortunately, I believe there is still a shortage of tests. I will stay in place until they are available.

— Niles

Last week Canada banned all assault weapons. Will the U.S. government ever have the guts and integrity to take on the NRA and ban all assault weapons here? Regular citizens should not have these weapons. This puts our first responders and law enforcement in extra peril. Even one massacre is too many. Stop and think. Wake up America.

— Warren

Where I work (the retail area of a large national drug store), you would have never known there was a stay-at-home order. People have been buying non-essential things like makeup, gaming gift cards, hair color, fake nails and getting photo books at the photo department and more. Because they are so selfish and didn’t stay at home, they could have infected the entire store.

— Warren


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