Ryan continues to follow AOC’s lead


U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Howland, is at it again.

He must follow Congresswoman A.O.C. on her $2,000-a-month payout to every American.

I am not opposed to giving people a helping hand, but this amount is outrageous. Not only does the Democrats’ new proposal call for more money, but it also calls for bailouts for states and cities.

The larger population states will get more money. No. They want undocumented immigrants to get money. No. They want amnesty for illegals. No. They want more money for welfare.

If it is to help the kids, then it would be yes. If it is to help the lazy, then no. But let’s face it, Rep. Ryan is for all of this. How many times has he helped illegal immigrants? Ryan has done very little in Congress, but this Valley seems to think he is the best thing since sliced bread. Wrong. Ryan supports open borders, a high minimum wage, very expensive social programs and all the socialist programs that A.O.C. and Bernie Sanders want.

It is time to vote for anyone but Ryan. It is up to a Republican or independent to start fresh in Ryan’s district, and for the Republican party to wake up and put some money into this district.




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