Ohio primary victim of the coronavirus


The political experiment known as the Ohio primary 2020 was an abject failure in democracy. The will of the people was not expressed because it was officially and shamefully suppressed. All but 88 polling stations were closed in Ohio on election day, April 28. Voter registration ended on Feb. 18, not 30 days before the election, as required by law. Independents had to file petitions on March 16, not the day before the election as required by law. Requiring voters to pay postage in order to vote resurrected the functional equivalent of an unconstitutional poll tax.

Consequently voter participation rates were even more abysmal than expected. In Trumbull County less than 10 percent of the electorate and only around 27 percent of the registered voters cast ballots. No election winner can claim anywhere near majority constituent support.

This election was a joke, a cruel one. Democracy in Ohio can now be added to the body count of the coronavirus pandemic.


Newton Falls


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