Hatred of Donald Trump hurting America


We are at a time when there are more questions than answers in this country. One reason is we are so deeply divided. It’s not because of issues, but because of hate.

Let’s explore “hatred” from a recent event to discuss all the Democrats’ lies, disparaging and crude remarks that put the country through several years of torture and worthless investigations because of their disgust and hatred for President Trump.

From a conservative viewpoint, President Trump has done an outstanding job, especially with the economy and jobs. However, because of insidious hatred, we lost years of accomplishing so much more for this nation along with spending billions of dollars trying to rid the Oval Office of him. Democrats have fought him every step, and continue to do so only because of hate.

When President Trump was informed of COVID-19, he quickly denied Chinese flights to enter our country. Immediately liberals denied anything to worry about.

Of course, that is not uncommon because no matter what President Trump says, defiant liberals take the opposite stance unless they need government funding for liberal sanctuary cities and states or some pet project. It is pure nonsense. There was a time when we had great statesmen who traveled to Washington in order to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

Today, you have the Hollywood elites, liberal national media and the intelligentsia in high-paying positions in the legal community, education and industry who simply despise this president and continuously degrade him and use disrespectful language in order to get the attention of those who are not in touch with news events. They are of the premise that if things are said often enough people will believe it. This is done for two reasons: one, hatred and two, to bring his ratings down, especially with the election approaching.

Our liberal Congress and those of the corrupt deep state are working incredibly hard at anything to stop President Trump from doing his job and moving the country forward. The liberals and globalists of this country are more lethal than COVID-19, and they are not on our side. Along with previous administrations, they have helped to enable the economic growth of China and the transfer of our manufacturing and investments to the Chinese communists.

President Trump has changed things for the better for all Americans, and I believe he will continue to do his job better than anyone else could. Trump may not be a smooth-talking politician, but he does love America and wants to see it great again!




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