Defeat Trump in the general election


The failures of the Trump administration responding to this COVID-19 crisis are too numerous to list. The vast majority of American people know this fact. Testing is the most basic failure. Trump continues to say, “If you want a test, you can get a test.” My doctor’s personnel cannot get a test, let alone myself. The profit motive / greed mentality that Trump unleashed during this crisis is not the answer. Competition is not the answer. Working together is the answer.

A problem like this can’t be solved by pitting people and states against each other while they try to get basic needs or resources to dealing with the problem. Lying about reality is not what we, as a nation, need. Truth, no matter how ugly and bad, is what we need. Some states are restricting reporting virus deaths. This does not mean those deaths did not happen.

Manipulating the public is what evil marketing managers do to make more money. Trump has done that his whole life and is why we have what we have today.

I warned people of this character flaw when Trump was running for election. But this thought disease has infected all of Trump’s supporters to the detriment of our country.

In a previous letter I also warned this was coming. I said it would be worse than before, and it is.

Be prepared to deal with it in November and make the change needed to fix our country. I am not a big fan of Joe Biden, but he is better than the alternative. Unfortunately that often is the only choice American voters have to make most of presidential elections.

The fact remains that Trump refuses to take any responsibility for his failures. Trump called this virus a “Democratic Hoax.” He knew it was serious all along.

Trump lies, and his supporters are lost souls, incapable of critical thinking because their ego and emotional belief systems can’t handle truth or justice.

As President Roosevelt said, and it holds true now, they started this fight, and we shall finish it.

We can do that peaceably in November. Turn the Senate and vote out Trump.




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