Dark money must be kept out of politics


One person, one vote is a thing of the past. Dark money has changed that.

While major players that changed things managed to keep their names out of the news, the only thing we now see is the re-election of President Donald Trump, who has pushed back government policies as we have known them.

What we see now was first started 40 years ago by two billionaires named the Koch brothers.

Their agenda, along with a handful of other elite billionaires, was to make their voices heard in Washington and slowly change the system to work for them.

For people who want to understand just how this was accomplished, read “Dark Money” by Jane Meredith Mayer.

The Koch brothers started “think tanks” to create ways to take control of American government through philanthropy. They managed to buy into colleges — to get what they wanted taught to upcoming leaders of society.

They invested in media networks to start a program of ideology that worked for them. The “super rich” soon began putting their people in positions of government to control laws for their success. The American government has now been bought by a wealth of enterprises, which signals to members of Congress, “I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse; stay in lockstep or be voted out.”

The only way the American people can make legitimate government work for them is to totally get dark money out of politics.

It’s simply not an easy task, but surely it is our only hope.




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