Climate change not worthy of stimulus


The quote, “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” has not been lost on the progressive Democrats. Shielded behind the COVID-19 epidemic, last Sunday’s letter to the editor (Cash Payments will help clean energy) read like Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto lite.

Linking the COVID-19 epidemic to the phony climate crisis is no surprise. What they propose is for the federal government to provide cash payments to Americans who would be adversely affected by the radical Green Agenda. This sounds good right? Dead wrong. What the trillions of dollars from the CARES Act is doing to our deficit and national debt will adversely affect our economy for decades. It’s estimated that one in five American workers are out of work due to COVID-19.

At least that many would lose their jobs if the radical progressive greens get into power.

And don’t let them tell you the new Green jobs would make up for the job loses. The only reason the Renewable Energy industry exists is because of government subsidies.

I agree that cash payments would “empower” Americans — just American progressive politicians. Just giving money to people doesn’t empower anybody; it enslaves them. Ask them where the money comes from and they’ll say the government. I’ll let you in on a little secret — the government doesn’t have any money.

That letter was just a political ad for people who want power — that means power over your life and liberty. The Citizens Climate Lobby is just what it says, a 501c tax exempt political lobbying organization based in Coronado, Calif.

Look at California. Do you want Ohio to be another California?




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