Vote ‘yes’ to save Chalker building


On March 17, the Southington school district will have yet another levy on the ballot. But before you cast your vote, take a moment to know what you are voting on.

This 1-mill, 5-year levy is not for the school; it is solely for much-needed structural repairs and improvements to the historical Chalker building on state Route 305.

Unfortunately, the school district owns the Chalker building so the levy must be run through the school, but all funds from the levy must be spent only on the Chalker building — not on surrounding grounds, the sports complex, bus garage or the actual school on state Route 534. The spending of levy funds will be audited closely by the Southington Community Trust to assure all monies are spent only on the Chalker building.

Without passage of this levy, the historical building will not survive. Do not let yet another piece of local history disappear.

Vote “yes” to save the Chalker building on March 17.