Trump’s war on ACA is bad for our health


Since Donald Trump took office, health coverage in Ohio has gotten considerably worse. Ohio is one of eight states that saw more uninsured people, and nearly 30,000 children have lost their coverage.

Trump supports a lawsuit to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, which would put coverage at risk for almost 5 million Ohioans with pre-existing conditions, with qualifying conditions. Even costs for those without pre-existing conditions would skyrocket, which could be devastating.

Trump does not have a health care replacement plan; his lawsuit against the ACA is his plan. He doesn’t want to protect those with pre-existing conditions; he wants to make money for pharmaceutical and insurance companies.

Ensuring the ACA stays in place is essential for Ohioans to keep their coverage. Democrats in the Ohio statehouse and in Washington want to protect health care and are sponsoring bills that will cap drug costs and expand coverage.