There are two sides to impeachment saga


Clearly the impeachment hearing has two sides to it.

Along the same lines, a bronze sculpture by Auguste Rodin “The Thinker,” a symbol symbol of philosophy and knowledge. It was first commissioned to be “The Gates” (of Hell), Dante’s poem, The Divine Comedy, “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”

I managed to watch some of our democracy in action: Nixon’s inquiries for impeachment before he resigned. Surprise at Clinton’s performance should have been an Oscar.

“I never touched that woman …” he was later dressed down.

Most of Trump’s hearings could have been spoken in tongues. One professor claimed Trump might have had two motives: one for himself and another for the country.

It played out like Bud Abbott and Lou Costello’s skit: “Who’s on First. What’s on Second…” and he’s on third. Organizing for trial, dot your Is and cross your Ts.

The Democrats had 17 witnesses; the committee wanted more. They had 90,000 documents; the committee wanted more. They had subpoena power, but never used it.

The attorneys for the president stated, regardless, if he did what he claimed, his actions still did not meet the requirements to remove him from office.

The Democrats need to call the Vatican and have the pope send them a team of cardinals to perform an exorcism on the whole lot and soak them in a tub of Holy water until they come clean.