Nikki Frenchko has ability to defeat Polivka


I attended the recent candidate’s forum in Southington. While there, I had an opportunity to hear the two Republican candidates for commissioner, Rex Fee and Nikki Frenchko.

I began to think about who was the last Republican commissioner in Trumbull County. It’s been so long I cannot remember. It’s safe to say the Republican Party of Trumbull County doesn’t have much input into local or county government. Simply put, it’s been difficult for the Trumbull County Republican Party to impress independent or excluded Democrats because there hasn’t been a platform strong enough to challenge the entrenched Democratic commissioners and candidates for the commissioner position.

All of this was washing through my brain as the candidates spoke, when suddenly like an epiphanic Oriental tidal wave upside my head, I realized that the main difference between the two candidates is that Mr. Fee doesn’t have a platform for discussion while Ms. Frenchko does.

Mr. Fee waxed on about defeating Democratic incumbent Commissioner Dan Polivka, which to me sounded more like a personal vendetta, while Ms. Frenchko spoke eloquently about issues important to the county population, such as ways to create jobs, departmental fiscal responsibility and sensible economic development.

Ms. Frenchko had done her homework and was very prepared, while Mr. Fee came across as on a personal crusade to defeat Mr. Polivka. That night, it was glaringly obvious who the viable candidate was.

Please understand that mine is a voice of a simple observer, so take this for what it is.

If you elect Mr. Fee as your candidate, I believe he will lose to Mr. Polivka. If you elect Ms. Frenchko as your candidate, she has an opportunity to defeat Mr. Polivka in November. Come March 17, we shall see.