Two things worse than coronavirus


There are two things that should never happen in a “free society.” Never cancel the right of the people to vote; and never close houses of worship.

Unfortunately, Gov. Mike DeWine (whom I voted for) did the first, and ministers have done the second.

Many Republicans derided the Democrats when they messed up their primary elections in other states saying, “How can the Dems run the country when they can’t even run their own primary elections?”

But here we are in Ohio, and it’s the Democrats’ turn to deride the Republicans with a greater accusation.

Democrats: “Only dictators cancel or postpone elections.”

Republicans reply: “The coronavirus, the coronavirus.”

Democrats: “Every dictator has excuses.”

My question to the governor is this: Are you trying to help the Democrats defeat President Trump in November and turn the U.S. Senate over to them?

My question for the ministers is: What is your faith in the God you preach? Does He only answer prayer when the sun is shining?

There has been more people in Ohio murdered than have died here from the coronavirus.

Where are these so-called great ministers of faith? They are closing their churches when the sheep need them most and when the world needs to see the “peace of God,” not panic, in the lives of Christians. Ministers need to calm the panic, not fan the flames or cower in a corner somewhere.

Will Christians get the coronavirus? Probably so. Will some Christians die from the coronavirus? Again, probably so.

However, if we are to preach that God is in control, then let’s believe it, and live our lives accordingly.


Newton Falls


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