Joe Biden can’t win November election


The Democratic Party is setting itself up to lose again in November for the presidency of the U.S.

The core principles of the party are social and economic equality, government control of monopolies, affordable tuition, health care and protecting the environment. The party is supposed to be progressive, which will promote change to advance the welfare of the common man.

One man, Bernie Sanders, has stood by those principles and has excited the party base, but the DNC and the many minions who recently endorsed Joe Biden are seeking a middle-of-the-road candidate who has stale ideas and will not excite the voters in November.

The Republican Party has no qualms about spouting their principles and running on them, true or not. The end result is they excite their base and can win elections.

C’mon DNC, take a chance once with the candidate who promotes the party’s principles.

Put a middle-of-the-road candidate forth in November and you are guaranteed to lose.