Don’t misjudge Fairhaven School


My daughter started kindergarten at Fairhaven School this year, and I feel that the school has a stigma attached to it.

I’m here to tell you, if you have never stepped foot into the school, you should. From the time you walk through the front door until you leave, you will be in awe.

Everyone who works there is compassionate and caring. They want to make a difference. The staff not only teaches the students academics and life skills, but they also treat them like one of their own. These children feel love and respect every day. While walking through the halls, you will be greeted by each employee with a smile and a “hello.” The children are grinning ear to ear to be there. I see high-fives and hugs given to teachers and aides. Once, on a field trip, there was a hay stack where children could climb to the top. A child who was in a wheelchair was helped to climb to the top by a teacher’s aide.

Many counties are not as lucky to have a school for children with disabilities, and we have this amazing school in Niles. There are many events that take place at Fairhaven. Go and see a Bulldog basketball game. Check out this amazing school. Meet the amazing staff. See how happy the students are. See how important this school is. Support them.