Warren blessed with Robins, benefactors


I just wanted to add my praise to the group of people who attended the gala re-opening of the Robins Theatre in downtown Warren. It was truly a night to remember.

Coverage by the Tribune Chronicle was on target, and I commend Andy Gray for his excellent writeup — although I must mention that the picture shown in the article must have been taken earlier in the evening because the theatre was filled to capacity and I did not see an empty seat in the facility. (Residents must attend an event to really appreciate the work that was done!)

In addition to the beauty of the theater, the ceremony, with a throwback to the theater’s early days, featured some very talented individuals from Warren who have made quite a name for themselves throughout the country.

Except for my time in the service, I have lived my whole life in Warren, and I do not remember an event such as this. Our city has had its ups and downs, but there are people like Mark Marvin and Ken Haidaris who continue to believe in our city and the people who live here. They see a positive future.

I’m a little older now, and it is gratifying to see younger people returning home, stepping up and investing in our city. I have spoken to both these gentlemen on numerous occasions. The first thing you notice is their “can do,” positive attitudes and their positive outlooks on life.

For them it’s not just the theater, but what can be done in our city and especially downtown.

Warren has been blessed with other benefactors, and each of those individuals has contributed both time and money to make our city a better place. With a multitude of community groups working to enhance our city, they inspire our youth to get involved and work toward a better tomorrow.

Thank you, Mark and Kenny. And to my fellow citizens, I hope to see you at one of Warren’s newest attractions.




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