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It’s a shame many Howland residents don’t care about the appearance of their homes or property. Look at debris; litter; signs that stay up after elections or garage sales; automobiles parked on streets overnight; trash cans in full sight; and residences that become commercial properties. Residential maintenance standards exist but are not enforced. It’s time for the administrator and trustees to drive through the community with eyes wide open. Put teeth into our policies before it’s too late.

— Howland

At 8:38 p.m. Jan. 5, a girl called 911 reporting a man with a gun threatening her mother and her. Before going to the house, police went to the Mecca Township garage to create a staging area and then blocked Bazetta Road and state Route 88; 33 minutes after the call, her mother was shot; 48 minutes after the call, police arrived at the house. Forty-eight minutes is a ridiculous amount of time that cost the woman her life.

— Bazetta

Appointed Warren City Council member Gary Steinbeck has been on vacation since he was appointed. So why are Warren taxpayers are on the hook to pay him for the first month? Why pay him a thousand dollars to be on vacation?

— Warren

The “Swamp” has not been drained. It has been pardoned. Unprecedented numbers of public corruption criminals set free, and 40 percent of voters are drinking the Kool-aid. As our Founding Fathers warned us: “You have been given a Republic, if you can keep it.” With impeachment currently swept under the rug, the thuggery continues.

— Warren

Climate change and environmental zealots, please note: In 1815, the Tambora volcano in Indonesia erupted, releasing 120 million tons of sulphur and harmful gas and causing a global climate anomaly exceeding all man-made atmospheric pollutants. The earth recovered, showing a super volcano eruption, among other natural phenomena, can only temporarily change things. To think insignificant humans have power to permanently alter earth’s climate and atmosphere indicates shameful hubris.

— Fowler

No person with a conscience or ethics can support a candidate affiliated with either major political party. One party condones and supports murder and perversion, while the other condones theft by deception through reprehensible business dealings in which all business transactions involve swindles by robber baron fat cats who treat all customers of goods and services as victims and “losers” whose losses result in the “winners'” profits.

— Mineral Ridge

On MSNBC recently they honored Mitt Romney for standing up to President Trump. In 2012 the Dems and media pundits called him vile names. Now he is a national hero. I don’t know who is the bigger phoney, Democrats, national media or Romney. People of Utah are not happy with him.

— Girard

The New York Times reports Russia again is trying to get Donald Trump re-elected, and Trump is furious that the word got out. Trump proclaimed himself chief law enforcement officer of the country, and then he pardoned several criminals and will pardon Roger Stone, who helped Russia and WikiLeaks release the Democratic Party’s e-mails. Vladimir Putin owns Trump. If Congressional Republicans don’t condemn this, they are complicit in this attempted overthrow of our democracy.

— Girard

He was elected with less than 50 percent of the vote. His image is an object of scorn. The press accuses him of being too vulgar, but the working class loves him. His election was questioned and blamed for nationwide violence. Most of his Cabinet thinks it can do a better job. His military generals call him a “well-meaning baboon.” The military establishment complains he diminishes morale. He implemented a barrier around the country for national security. The year is 1864, and his name is Abraham Lincoln.

— Niles


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