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Sad that Mr. Steinbeck missed two meetings right out of the gate. The Democrats had 45 days to fill the seat after it was vacated with Eddie Colbert’s promotion. Why didn’t they wait until Steinbeck was available to do his job?

— Warren

According to the Tribune article, Niles refused to attend an economic summit arranged by county commissioners because they wanted to meet “behind closed doors.” Few things are more frightening than a government refusing to work in public. It leads only to corrupt, illegal actions “behind closed doors.” Niles needs to join other area communities and work for the good of all. This is another good reason for Howland and Weathersfield to fight the forced annexation into Niles.

— Warren

It was odd to see Trumbull County Commissioner Dan Polivka attacking his political opponent last week on her campaign’s Facebook page. She said his county parking space is empty. Prove her wrong by parking in it and going to the office, commissioner, and not posting on her page!

— Warren

There has been uproar about Tim Ryan and Nancy Pelosi’s behavior at the State of the Union address. But it’s OK for this commander-in-chief to be vindictive toward witnesses who came forward and told the truth? It’s OK for him to use vulgar language during his acquittal speech? It’s OK for him to mimic a handicapped person during a campaign rally? It’s OK how he bragged on the bus interview where he can grab women because he’s famous? Or for some people to “normalize” his behavior as such? No, it’s not OK.

— Hubbard

I think the next Niles project should be taking down empty stores on Main Street — empty for more than 50 years. Maybe a grant is available. A nice parking space to take their place, with a green strip and maybe a water fountain. Also include some electric vehicle charging stations. I’ve noticed them in other cities. Electric vehicles are already here.

— Niles

February is Black History Month. What happened to the Democratic candidates? Not once did they even mention it, yet they want the black vote. What two-faced politicians they are: “Vote for me, but shut up.”

— Warren

Thanks to Senate Republicans, Trump is on a vengeance tour, after anyone he thinks did him wrong. He has weaponized the Department of Justice with Barr and tried to blow up a case against convicted Roger Stone who lied and obstructed Congress and threatened to kill a man. He had a decorated combat veteran led out of the White House like a criminal. He verbally attacked a federal judge and gave the medal of freedom to bigot Rush Limbaugh. He’s just getting started. He has his own agenda and talked about cuts to our earned benefits. This could be our last election if he wins.

— Girard

The U.S. economy’s middle class is gone. The blame lies on most of us who bought into free trade. That is, buy the cheapest product with no regard to whether it was made in America or not. Save a dollar today and our children deal with the results tomorrow. Now our children cannot find a livable-wage job with decent health care. Once prominent manufacturing jobs have been shipped overseas. We can pat ourselves on the back for saving a couple bucks.

— Vienna

How depraved is Nancy Pelosi? She is so wrapped up in her own glorification, she’s lost sight of reality. Her rude, ill-mannered display of contempt for the office of the president ranks her with Hillary Clinton’s deplorables! As for our congressman’s show, walking out on the State of the Union speech, he can also join Pelosi in the barrel of deplorables! Have they forgotten Hillary Clinton’s treason that was fluffed off and swept under the carpet?

— Warren

The State of the Union address shows what kind of person is in the White House. How degrading to award the Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh, a racist, anti-female, hate-spewing friend of our president. If he thinks this is deserved, we should assume Samantha Bee is next to receive the award. What a disgrace. This degrades the meaning of the medal to all previous recipients and lessens the meaning for all future recipients. Wake up America.

— Warren


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