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In last Saturday’s article about Randy Law’s campaign donors, Warren Mayor Doug Franklin said, “I think it is despicable … shows disdain for the taxpayers … owes the citizens of Warren an apology.” The same statements could be redirected to the mayor and to Law Director Enzo Cantalamessa in reference to the “treegate” debacle. We are waiting for the mayor and law director to do the right thing.

— Warren

Tim Ryan, thank you for driving the final nail into your political coffin by walking out of the State of the Union Address.

— Cortland

Tim Ryan’s over-inflated ego exceeds his ability to comprehend! Walking out during a presidential speech just to promote himself demonstrates why he will never be very successful! One needs to work more behind the scenes and out of the spotlight to be successful. While he may boast of accomplishments, they do not exceed an overinflated ego! He forgets he works for us, and he should try to display class and respect! He was an embarrassment that will be long remembered!


As we watched Tim Ryan, our “Representative,” walk out of the State of the Union Address early, we couldn’t help but think how Ryan walked out on us, the Delphi Salaried retirees, 11 years ago. The Mahoning Valley should not be surprised what is holding Northeast Ohio back. It is politicians like Tim Ryan! It’s time for ‘We The People’ to welcome change to this area.

— Warren

I saw the picture of Nancy Pelosi tearing up the president’s State of the Union speech. How disgusting. She says as a Catholic, she doesn’t hate anyone. If this isn’t hate she has for the president, it surely isn’t love. Also, Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Howland, walked out on Trump’s speech. Also very rude. But he doesn’t hesitate to go to the White House when he needs something. These two deserve each other.

— Girard

Now that the impeachment hearings are wrapped up, I believe the Democrats should repay us for the over $100 million they spent needlessly for this trial. I think it is time to vote out all national Democrats this fall.

— Southington

Shame on you Rob Portman. You know Trump did it. But no trial witnesses? This party has “made America ashamed again.” Hope for a blue wave in November.

— Champion

Last week somebody whined about the left hating President Donald Trump. I guess they were OK with the right hating the Clintons for 20 years and hating Obama? I never hate any person, but I hate Trump’s policies. Plus I think the guy seems to lie about almost everything.

— Warren



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