Sound off!

Such hardship for the Lordstown school district and village. The tax abatement given to big business is almost a crime, except when some residents and schools get so much. Enter a new GM battery plant. The schools still will get property tax money of $500,000 to $600,000 per year. The schools in Lordstown already will get $450,000 and perhaps up to $500,000 as promised from TJX company. Those figures don’t include a deal with Clean Energy Solutions that appears to be an equal income for the schools. My question then is: Are any other school districts getting this rich in the local area? Any district care to weigh in?

— Vienna

I think Warren city’s administration really opened a can of worms with this “Tree-gate” debacle. It was so sneaky, brazen and arrogant that a faction of the citizens are now energized and will scrutinize everything the city does going forward. This includes using freedom of information, exploring the extreme nepotism in the city and ultimately pushing for a charter form of government.

— Warren

When planning for the summer series at the Warren Community Amphitheatre, organizers should have bins for recyclables. Drinks are sold in cans, but there is nowhere to dispose of the empties — except in trash containers. This is unacceptable. Plan accordingly!

— Warren

Very poor taste in publishing a syndicated cartoon of Kobe Bryant in heaven, considering his 2003 victim, police and medical reports. When will we (and #MeToo) stop letting elite off the hook? Let us hope your daughters and granddaughters never meet a superstar!

— Niles

Many years ago thousands of young men lost their lives rushing the beaches of Normandy. They saved our democracy and freedom. Republican senators aren’t being asked to do anything as heroic, only to be honest with the American people. There has never been a trial without witnesses. They say it’s OK to ask another country to help Trump win an election. Why even vote then? Let Putin determine who should lead us. He has already. If we let this stand, our freedom and democracy will be lost.

— Girard

Voters are responsible for our government party politics. We need people in Washington who will do what’s right for the whole country. Responsible citizens know this. Save us. It’s good versus evil.

— Howland

I recently saw this sad news. There are some 150,000 homeless in the Los Angeles area, and three die each day. The city washes the human waste down the sewers, and it goes into the ocean, harming marine life. It seems California does very little to control vast number of homeless. We are so lucky to live in northeast Ohio where it is too cold for many homeless.

— Girard

I have tried to keep my cool through three years of the liberal left, socialistic-leaning Democratic Party harassing, hounding, name-calling and hatred for President Trump. How dare they nullify my vote and that of others who elected President Trump with this ridiculous impeachment. They are committing political suicide. Impeach Pelosi! You lose Democrats! Trump will win again. Thanks for making his re-election a sure thing!

— Warren