Set record right on Delphi salaried retirees


I see there is a new initiative launched by Delphi salaried retirees to gain a political resolution to their unjust pension loss during the 2009 Obama administration rescue of just about everyone else impacted within the domestic auto industry. This chance at a fair resolution has been presented by Rep. Mike Turner, and it needs the too-often-absent earnest support of Rep. Tim Ryan and Sen. Sherrod Brown. I suspect that Rep. Bill Johnson and Sen. Rob Portman are already on board. The Delphi salaried folks don’t need a handout. Their pension fund looks pretty solid based on the 2009 numbers at the point of the takeover by the PBGC. In fact, the idea that PBGC took over the pension is a mystery full of national politics, purposefully nasty decision making, local political abandonment and expensive court battles.

It’s time to set the record right. It’s time for the Trump administration to get its executive appointees at PBGC on the right track and to direct a quick correction to an unjust employee abandonment that has caused so much financial hardship to the forced retirees, their families and the Mahoning Valley. Hopefully, the media take the time to follow up on this news story and its bright light moves the Turner plan forward.


Mineral Ridge


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