Scandals under Obama swept under the rug


Just because Mr. Obama said it, does not make it true.

According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), there were only eight offenses — not just scandals, but some were impeachable. The problem is no one would go against him.

Here they are:

Paying insurance companies with taxpayer dollars to pay for people’s insurance; five terrorists and $1 million for a traitor, Bowe Bergdahl, without approval from Congress; travel bans without congressional approval; Federal Reserve guidance, never went through Congress; Fast and Furious, no approval from Congress; Benghazi, bad enough four Americans died, it was a lie from him that it was caused by a video and the cover-up; used the IRS as a political weapon to take down his political opponents (an impeachable offense, but it was swept away under the resignation of Lois Lerner, and to this day, is still not resolved); and the bleach bit of Hillary Clinton’s emails and no one was held accountable due to executive privilege. (Remember, Hillary Clinton was never under oath; she was only interviewed by James Comey, who now is under investigation for leaking classified information.)

And now in a video, then-Vice President Joe Biden withheld national security aid to the Ukraine, under threat that unless the prosecuting attorney stopped the investigation into Burisma Holdings — a known corrupt oil company, his son, Hunter Biden was working for in the Ukraine — he would be fired (which he was).

It seems it is OK to impeach President Trump and not Joe Biden and President Obama. Why?

According to Nancy Pelosi, “No one is above the law.” I don’t care if you are running for president, Mr. Biden. Democrats make false allegations in the court of public opinion, convince people that they are true and when they are wrong, the story does not matter anymore.




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