New site is needed for Enterprise Park


I’m writing to express our appreciation and support of Mr. Mullen’s letter to the editor in last Sunday’s newspaper, regarding the proposed Enterprise Park near the Eastwood Mall, with the subsequent loss of valuable wetlands.

We, Friends of the Mahoning River, object only to the location, not the project itself. We would like to see another site, owned by the developer, that would eliminate the current issues of hospital access for Warren residents, construction and stormwater drainage into a wetlands, local flooding and excessive traffic in the area.

If the developer agreed, our legal appeals to the Environmental Protection Agency’s and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ permits would be dropped.

Mr. Mullen’s conclusion was, “I also urge the developer, who has always been generous to the community but picked a bad location there, to also think big and reimagine a new win-win scenario.”

We agree.



Board member

Friends of the

Mahoning River


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