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Good news: GM is building a new plant and more jobs. Bad news: more wetland and young forest habitat loss. Putting wetlands elsewhere does not help the area where they originated. Loss of flora and fauna cannot be picked up and moved. The loss of young growth forest also impacts song birds, woodcock, deer, turkey, rabbits, etc., that need this habitat. I can’t believe suitable property with no impact on wildlife couldn’t be found in Trumbull or Mahoning counties. I wonder if there will be any impact on the local Heron Rookery as well?

— Bristol

Every school district should operate a speed camera in its school zone. Schools could use these collected funds for specific community programs. Sit on state Route 534 or North Leavitt Road and watch the vehicles speed through 20 mph school zones. Other school districts probably have the same problem. Speed camera funds could be used for safety and health programs, including opioid education. What better place for a local community using local resources to educate their youth?

— Leavittsburg

Do you go to a doctor who bills Medicare for your treatment, then bills you an even larger amount to be paid at time of treatment? Medicare said my bill was paid, and I should get my money back. It didn’t happen! Senior citizens can’t afford medicine and regular meals, so how can they afford paying twice for the same treatment. Why don’t they take in more patients to earn their money, instead of bilking the ones they have?

— Warren

How ironic that the former Warren safety service director, now Warren’s new law director, is, in large part, responsible for the destruction of trees behind the Women’s Park. I shudder to think of his leadership in the legal arena. Eliminating beautiful, healthy trees (for a bocce court, no less!) may not have been illegal, but it was immoral, irresponsible and unethical. Anyone else would have to make restitution for damages and expenses. Sad and unforgivable.

— Warren

I saw a very small article in the Tribune Chronicle. It said the Supreme Court appears likely to rule that insurance companies can collect $12 billion from the federal government to cover their losses in the early years of the Affordable Care Act. That means the taxpayers will pick up even more costs for this failed Obama insurance plan. I wonder just how much money this cost the taxpayers in total.

— Girard

President Trump has had several meetings with Russian President Putin of which nothing was revealed. Trump has attacked the free press, calling them fake news. With William Barr as attorney general, Trump controls the Department of Justice. Trump pulled troops out of Syria giving Russia a free shot at the Kurds. He has Russians visit the Oval Office. He’s attacked FBI and CIA. He takes Putin’s words over 17 U.S. intel agencies. He’s says he knows more than our generals. I wonder what Trump and Putin talk about.

— Girard

Ohio HB 66 passage was critical for the future of area small businesses. This bill included key components for maintaining and balancing budgets. The bill retained the small business bid tax reduction and provided funding for new TechCred program. A special “thank you” goes to all Ohio representatives for voting “yes” on passage of this bill.

— Hubbard

The impeachment of Donald Trump is an acknowledgment that the Democrats can’t beat him in November. By holding back the articles of impeachment, their plan now is to use impeachment to neuter that second term with a Democrat-controlled Senate. The Democrats’ hatred of Trump is truly loathsome, and the steps they continue to take to obstruct his presidency is setting precedents that will come back to haunt them.

— Warren