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Someone commented under the article regarding MetroParks not obtaining land in Braceville about the 1,600 homes’ waste flowing into the river from the Meadowbrook area. We will not have parks nor economic development along the Mahoning River until this area has AFFORDABLE sewer and waterlines. Period. This has been promised for years and timelines continue to be extended. That must happen before that dam is removed.

— Braceville

We will find out in the next few weeks which United States senators are on Team Trump and which ones are on Team USA. I don’t think many of them grasp the damage that will be done to our government of three co-equal branches if the president can order witnesses not to testify in a case against the president and the Senate agrees that is OK. Team Trump will vote no to witnesses. Team USA will vote to have witnesses.

— Cortland

What kind of thinking results in use of taxpayers’ money and city workers’ labor to benefit a favored portion of the population at the expense of the most historical part of Warren? Few communities can take pride in anything comparable. The mayor and Mr. Cantalamessa should have to pay for professional restoration. It is the responsibility of elected officials to benefit the town — not to destroy it. The trees destroyed should be sold, with profits going to the women’s park.

— Mineral Ridge

Kudos to the WGH football coach Steve Arnold and his men on the football team. They politely greeted and welcomed people attending Opening Night, and were very well mannered and professional. The coach and parents should be very proud of them.

— Cortland

My personal heartfelt thanks to Mark Marvin for everything he has done for Warren. A graduate of WGH, he returned to his hometown, took on a seemingly impossible task and came out a winner. Actually, the people of Warren are the winners! Thank you, Mark! Warren is proud of your accomplishments.

— Warren

The CIA, FBI, DOJ and even foreign informants found nothing linking Trump to Russia. The special counsel and 17 investigators spent two years investigating. The national media’s hair catches fire again. House speaker and two chairmen decide on impeachment! Is this it? Will all this stop now?

— Newton Falls

Scandal comparisons between the Trump and Obama administrations are akin to comparisons between an M20 Super-Bazooka and a Swiss mini-gun. For eight years under Obama, zero impeachments, zero indictments of campaign and administration officials. Contrast that with the eight (and counting) Trump campaign and administration officials in less than three years indicted / convicted / sentenced. Give me a break! Most corrupt administration in U.S. history.

— Warren

It sounds like to me that we finally have some elected officials in Newton Falls who have been on the right track steering the community toward a path of economic development. However, it seems every article in the Tribune has comments from the former, recalled and ex-mayor Pat Layshock. No matter what the issue is, Mr. Layshock pops up like a bad penny to negatively counter anything positive that takes place in the community. He had 16 years as mayor and with the exception of lawsuits and chaos, I’m still not sure what he accomplished. Much like the country suffering from Clinton fatigue, we in Newton Falls suffer Layshock fatigue.

— Newton Falls


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