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Isn’t it funny how when tax levies are discussed, the first thing they always want to cut are police and fire? You never know how important they are until you’re in a bad situation and needing help. Thank you to all 911 dispatchers, first responders, firefighters and police officers for all they do 24 hours a day keeping us safe.

— Mecca

The trees have been cut down and removed; however, that doesn’t mean the bocce court or beer tent must be placed there! Also, putting a permanent fence in this historic area to assist with concerts at the Amp would be an equally bad decision. It’s not the best use of public funds or resources, and it would detract from the aesthetics of the historic area.

— Warren

Seems there was false information offered up by Enzo Cantalemassa concerning destruction of Warren trees, including the number and condition of trees and that Warren has some kind of tree maintenance program. After all, they left a dead tree standing in close proximity to this travesty. Perhaps not thinking things through and lack of concern for the public’s property is an inherent trait in some people’s makeup, which is why I consider this a large scale version of mowing down pinwheels.

— Warren

The beautification of Warren has been a desire of our city officials. This is slowly being realized, led by the restoration of the Robins Theatre. In stark contrast to this is the wanton destruction of the wooded area behind the Women’s Park to build a bocce court. How does this enhance Warren’s Historic District or add to the beautification of Warren? It is nothing more than a cheapening of what once was a beautiful area. Are carnival lights next? Pathetic.

— Warren

With all that’s going on in the country these days it’s hard to find something to feel good about. If you’re feeling the same way, then I suggest you read the Jan. 6 story about Lily Derry. Born with one hand, this high school kid has managed to make the junior varsity basketball team, play the French horn, teach herself to ride a bike and earn a 4.0 GPA despite starting off school with an IEP. There’s more, read it. You’ll feel better.

— Campbell

We got something in U.S. that no other country has — freedom. It’s in the Constitution. If you don’t believe me, go anywhere else and see. Protesters, check it out.

— Howland

I’m reading New York Times bestseller “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.” So far, 37 psychiatrists and mental health experts assess a president, and I still have 400 pages to go. What I read so far is scary! To think this president has a “disorderly mind” with his furious tirades, conspiracy, fantasies, aversion to facts and attraction to violence. That is unusual and alarming, but that can too easily be rationalized and normalized. Our country had stability until November 2016!

— Hubbard

I know more than the generals or anyone else for that matter. No need to say any thing more.

— Girard

$2 trillion down the drain under GOP foreign policy. The ultimate insult to the U.S. may soon take place when Iraqi government asks U.S. military to leave, meaning Bush Jr.’s, Cheney’s and Rumsfeld’s war in Iraq went full circle. They destroyed Saddham Hussein’s Sunni government and helped replace it with Shia government. Now that government, always aligned with Iran, will ask U.S. military to leave. U.S. lost many lives installing a government that ultimately became aligned with Iran.

— Warren


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