Shame on powers that be over tree removal

Shame on powers that be over tree removal


One can honestly state that throughout the city, there are few public places that provide a space of reflection and contemplation, but the grounds around the Women’s Park next to the Packard House was one such place.

I went there often to sit among the quiet trees, to write poetry, to ponder, to meditate and to believe. That is, until the city decided to destroy the few remaining vestiges of another time simply to satisfy the greed of the Italian Festival Coven by installing a bocce court.

I was, and still am, revolted by their ignorance and infuriated by the conjoined arrogance of those involved in this insipid act inspired by greed and sloth.

I’ve been witness to the court located next to the court house, and how that court lays fallow except for the four days of the Italian festival. The other 361 days it is barren, becoming a feral cat litter box and trash receptacle for windblown garbage and human waste, and that is precisely what will happen to the new court because the city and the Italian festival have no foresight. They behave as selfish children, petulant until they get their way, oblivious to the hurt of others, selfish in their actions and deeds, hell-bent on self-gratification and self-reward.

Everyone in city government knew this was going to happen and did little or nothing to prevent the desecration of this place, which was landscaped to provide a placid, natural place, and now, that place is gone, obliterated by kindred obliviousness. All involved should hang their heads in shame.




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