Renewable energy best solution for the future


The recent letter about U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan was off the mark, and in fact, not even in the outer ring of truth.

Written by a natural gas fan club, with the misnomer Consumer Energy Alliance, it ignores the fact that wind and solar energy are cheaper today than any fossil fuel, and that the mountain of evidence is growing to end fossil fuel use very soon.

While they are not alone in rearward thinking, we should witness that other states are shifting to renewables as fast as they can, and even the South Carolina House just passed a 100 percent clean energy bill. Ohio leadership, too, is off target with the Republican-led statehouse quick to sign you up to fund old-generation plants with HB 6.

I am concerned with the denial of consequence that has so many of our politicians in its grip. Yes, whatever you want to call it, the weather is growing more out of control with flooding and fires affecting us more than ever. Science has stated the remedy to us many times over.

I agree, Ryan is great for getting the battery plant here, but we should all be waking up to reality that renewables are the only energy solution.