President’s actions justified impeachment


How can Republicans and Trump supporters sleep? The NRA has taken millions from Russians, so taking money from the NRA is taking money from Russia. Any Republican who has taken NRA money for their political campaign is guilty in their own political campaign.

When you ask a foreign country for help to benefit you personally in your political campaign, that is a crime.

Trump’s doing that now with Ukraine in the open, and he is using his office of president to do it. Trump’s own release of his version of the call to the president of the Ukraine has proven that fact and crime. Yet, Republicans like Sen. Graham refuse to accept it. They deny what happened hardened and claim it is only “opinion.” Then they cry in their pitiful Russian NRA money.

It’s like a robber who claims he is not robbing the cashier at the store with a gun but just forcibly retrieving what he feels he deserves is his correct change. That is the Trump and Republican argument. The worst offender is Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan. Jordan has turned his head before when knowing about alleged crimes in The Ohio State’s University’s sex scandal, which has yet to be resolved.

Republicans who claim what Trump did was wrong, but not impeachable, are even sicker. With Ukraine, Trump committed a high crime of both bribery and extortion — the very thing the Constitution states is an impeachable offense. The Trump administration claims that abuse of power is not an impeachable offense either. Unbelievable after hypocrite Graham’s main argument when impeaching President Clinton was you didn’t need a crime to be impeached!

On impeachment it is very clear. If not Trump, then who would ever be impeachable?

Also, I wonder whether our re-elected Mayor Franklin will actually do anything about the terrible water department policy — shutting off water to people with no notice?

I brought this up several months ago and have yet to see council or the mayor act to change this inhumane policy. Since they charge about $40 extra to turn water back on, by turning water off, using this policy, they can raise about $50,000 per year; taking it from the most vulnerable people who can least afford it.




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