Followers disregard Trump’s disrespect


I am an old-fashioned guy when it comes to evaluating people. It’s not hard to know right from wrong. It’s not hard to do right from wrong if you are honest with yourself.

When Trump followers disregard President Donald Trump’s lack of respect for the rule of law (Mueller Report, Ukraine Scandal) and espouse everything they don’t like as “fake news” (even when it has been proven fact), what does that say about the individual?

Disregarding proven fact and saying Trump is doing everything he said he would when he ran for office really creates my disdain for Trump followers. I’m someone wanting to know if Trump followers are willing to lower their moral standards with the false hope of more money in their pocket (tax-cut hoax) or the cruel immoral pipe dream of making America white again.

Trump followers are right in the idea that there is a deep state conspiracy. Only this conspiracy involves government employees who pledge their allegiance to their country and constitution not to Trump.

I highly recommend reading the Mueller Report to find out how badly Trump disrespects the rule of law.




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