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Maybe now that some police officers no longer have to sit for hours holding speed cameras, they can do something else to better impact roadways. Whether you ticket drivers for aggressive driving, running red lights, loud mufflers, no headlights in rainy weather, burned out headlight / tail light, at least let them know they are in violation. If you’re inclined to not enforce these laws, then take them off the books for all drivers.

— Warren

Niles Mayor Steve Mientkiewicz and Councilman Barry Profato think they can steal from townships without repercussions? They are about to learn townships will fight annexation. We can be great neighbors, as Weathersfield has demonstrated, and you want to steal from them? Think again. I think these two Niles officials should forget about ever trying for state-level jobs.

— Vienna

Just inside an East Market Street storefront, more than 1,200 people were treated to a sight they may not have known existed in Warren. For many, a visit to Robins theater last week was a first-time experience. For others, memories came back to life. This community owes thanks to Mark Marvin for vision and leadership; to Ken Haidaris for promotional work; and to everyone who pulled off this superb restoration. A community asset has been rescued, which, if lost, could never have been replaced.

— Warren

Tim Ryan says he still is reading the USMCA proposal? It has been sitting on Nancy Pelosi’s desk for over a year! Maybe Tim should be working for all his unemployed middle class constituents needing a good-paying job instead of working with left wingers to impeach a duly elected president! Remember, Nancy Pelosi and over 100 Democrats voted in 1992 to pass NAFTA.

— Girard

I understand the Salvation Army is having difficulty with donations. I have a suggestion. Ask bell ringers to get off their phones (texting and talking) and just ring the bell. Also, a “thank you” when somebody puts money in the bucket would be good. I will continue to donate to each bucket, but the attitude this year is off-putting.

— Warren

Rather than go through the entire trial business in the Senate, let’s have a quick acquittal of President Trump, and then use our voting power to vote all the Democrats out of office.

— Southington

White House Economic Director Larry Kudlow touted how great the economy is doing — the same thing he did this summer when the economy started getting rattled. You can’t keep talking your way out of an economic downturn. Eventually people figure out, ‘Hey, I’m not doing as great as Larry keeps telling me I’m doing.’ Then the economy tanks even harder. George Bush did this in 2007 / 2008, and it cost the public billions in bailouts.

— Cortland

The impeachment is obviously political. If Democrats had held the House in 2015 and Obama made the same phone call to the Ukrainian president using Trump’s identical wording and asking for an investigation of a Republican vice president, would the House have impeached Obama charging abuse of power and obstructing Congress? Hardly.

— Fowler

Joe Biden has done it again. He was in New Hampshire and said he was glad to be in Iowa. Joe is a grandfather again. His son, Hunter, is involved in a paternity lawsuit. The DNA says it is his baby. He is out of work and broke. Where is all the big bucks he got from the Ukraine job his daddy got for him? Maybe Joe can get him a job in the Washington swamp like the one in Ukraine.

— Girard

In my 72 years, I never have heard any U.S. president refer to the FBI as “scum.” What would our country be like without our premier crime-fighting force? Crime would go unchecked, run rampant, and we would all be in danger. This president uses curse words at his rallies and people laugh and cheer. He separates thousands of kids from their parents and holds them in cages. Some said he was unfit for office. He proves it almost every day.

— Girard


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