Response to letter ‘Stop insults…’


Last week’s letter “Stop insults, look for compromise” responding to my letter “Democrats: 1960 vs. 2020” totally missed the point.

All of these comments were made by the Democratic nominees at their debates. There is no debate on this point. Why these facts were ignored further proves my point about Democrats denying what their party stands for.

First: The writer stated Democrats do want “abortion” rights. Check the DNC platform. By citing reasons such as rape and incest, you are perpetuating the Democrat “myth” on abortion. Per the statistics, less than 1 percent of abortions are due to rape / incest; 99 percent abort because they do not want the “inconvenience” of a child.

Second: Every Democrat nominee on that stage raised his or her hand stating each wanted free health care for undocumented immigrants.

Third: Democratic nominees favoring Medicare for All are basically telling the 160 million Americans that they will have their private health insurance “taken away” due to the public take over. What gives government the right to do that?

Fourth: Free college and elimination of student debt is not a “God-given right.” Americans who have worked and paid their own way to college, prove the American dream requires work and sacrifice — not handouts.

Fifth: Why should there be a “path to citizenship” for 22 million illegals who did not respect our laws? Millions of immigrants chose to enter our country the right way. We should not disregard their respect for the law by permitting others to continue to enter illegally. Try putting that on a “ballot” and see what Americans really believe.

Sixth: Reparations for blacks and LGBTQ is being attempted by Congress. What gives Democrats the right to “waste taxpayer money with reparations?

The claim that Democrats “evolve” scares most Americans. Our founding fathers created a constitution that has lasted and has “not evolved” for 243 years. If your Democratic initiatives are so great, why not use the process of amendments to get them ratified? Requiring two-thirds approval of the House and Senate along with a three-fourths approval of the State legislatures. Thank God our for fathers were smarter than the evolving Democrats.

The claim about insulting the Democratic Party is a poor excuse for “stating the facts” as conveyed by your party at the Democratic Party presidential debates. Conservative Americans never will compromise the founding father’s belief system to “evolving” Democrats.




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